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    In the past 30 years, Kangda group has always been keen on philanthropy. Its activities such as donating money to help students and helping the poor have been widely praised and praised by all walks of life. It has successively won many honorary titles, such as "outstanding contribution award of China Charity", "most loving Charity Award", "advanced unit of one-day charity donation of the whole province" and "great love Qingdao". Since its establishment, the group has made tens of thousands of charitable donations, with a total amount of tens of millions of yuan. It has made outstanding contributions to the development of philanthropy, taken up the social responsibilities of citizens and enterprises with practical actions, and established a good image in all walks of life.

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    Education is a long-term plan of our country. Kangda group takes improving the level of social education as one of the key tasks of Kangda's philanthropy. Since the establishment of the company, Kangda group has donated tens of millions of yuan to help students, which has become a good tradition of the group.

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      In 2007, he donated 6 million yuan to the caring for the next generation project to build jimiya primary school, improve the school's hardware and software facilities, and improve the students' learning environment;

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      In 2008, Kangda grant was set up in Jilin University to support outstanding students from poor families, so that they can successfully complete their university studies;

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      In 2011, with the district Charity Association, the "Kangda Yiyuan fund" was established, donating 1 million yuan annually;

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      In 2015, in addition to donating 1 million yuan to the student aid fund, the chairman of Kangda group also actively donated to the hope project Qingdao student aid foundation, so that more poor students can enjoy educational opportunities.

    Kangda group has always insisted on supporting and helping the poor areas and the social groups with disabilities. Since 2011, Kangda group has been donating 1 million yuan to the Charity Association every year to contribute to promoting the harmonious development of society.

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      Since 2009, HKU has donated more than 200000 yuan annually to the welfare foundation for the disabled and the Jiaonan disabled persons' Federation, set up a mental rehabilitation fund and donated 250000 yuan to Liuwang psychiatric hospital;

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      Kangda Group actively responds to the call of public welfare undertakings and sets up a special fund to support the employees with internal difficulties and serious illness every year, demonstrating the care and social responsibility of Kangda employees;

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      In 2019, the group pays attention to philanthropy and has donated more than one million yuan in the form of love fund and social donation, which demonstrates the high sense of responsibility of enterprises to give back to society and embodies the win-win development concept of enterprises and society;

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      In 2020, the Group donated 1 million yuan to the New District, all of which were used to support New Coronavirus's infection prevention and control.

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      In addition, Kangda organized donations of 500000 yuan immediately after the Pacific Ocean disaster, Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake and other natural disasters, and made targeted visits to disabled soldiers and widowed elderly every year to integrate social charity into all aspects of enterprise development.