• Company Culture
  • Social Responsibility


    The main part of the logo of Kangda group is composed of the English name Konde.

    Logo design is full of modern sense, and contains the profound Yi culture in Chinese culture.

    Kangda logo is simple, vigorous, modern and traditional organic combination, 

    not only has a good visual impact and profound cultural heritage, 

    but also implies that the common cause of Kangda is brilliant and eternal.

  • Core values

    Cause creation

    achievement sharing

  • Mission vision

    Corporate mission:

    Creating a healthy life

    Corporate vision:

    Bring high quality life enjoyment to families in the world

  • Core Idea

  • Behavior concept

    gratitude, responsibility, practical learning

  • The spirit of enterprise

    to do a good job and make a healthy life

  • Marketing concept

    everyone has a market, everyone is a market

  • Cost concept

    comprehensive budget for increasing revenue and reducing expenditure

  • Service concept

    active service, full service

  • Quality concept

    product source, character, quality source, details

  • Safety concept

    all hidden dangers can be eliminated and all accidents can be prevented

  • Talent concept

    understanding personality, enlightening talent and choosing the best

  • Team concept

    work together to create harmony and share

  • Learning philosophy

    learning for application, all staff work together

  • Four win concept

    customers win, employees win, shareholders win, society win

  • Two zero distances

    zero distance with customers and zero distance with employees