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    Qingdao Kangda Wanye Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Qingdao Kangda Group and Japan Ekoho Herbal Co., Ltd.Company based on a large group of Chinese food industry 100 strong economies of scale, financial strength, industrial supporting and quality management control system from the source to the table, adhering to the "career genesis, achievement sharing" core values, undertake Japanese herbs co., 40 years after the unique formula of Chinese herbal medicine, superb technology, comfort, combined many domestic famous universities and Chinese herbal medicine experts, contain the ancient new, developed many compound fermented beverage plants.

    Plant fermented beverage

    Plant fermented beverageCompound fermented beverage plants, selection of more than 10 kinds of Chinese prescription herb, mild extraction and implantation of high quality strains fermentation aggregates, thrift source, adopts double fermentation process, initial fermentation with yixing are recommended for manual use clay cylinders for fermentation, and its excellent permeability and natural ionic substances formed in the fermentation process since the flowing state, promote the metabolism of probiotic bacteria breeding.In the secondary fermentation, 304 stainless steel fermenters of food grade were used for deep fermentation, which promoted the probiotics to decompose the effective components of raw materials in an oxygen-free environment and made them fully small molecules. In the long incubation process, the fermentation broth formed unique fermentation flavor and function.After double fermentation, traditional Chinese medicine paste and paste can be used to make concentrated ointment to ensure that the plant fermentation drinks or concentrated ointment have many advantages such as pure and thick taste, balanced nutrition, remarkable effect and good absorption by human body.

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