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    Shandong Kaijia Food Co., Ltd., established in April 2000, is a professional broiler industry chain enterprise integrating feed production, breeder breeding, broiler breeding, slaughtering and refrigeration, cooked food processing and domestic and foreign sales.

    It is a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in China and one of the first 35 enterprises exporting poultry meat prepared food to Japan.

    As one of the most competitive brands of domestic broiler products, it has formed a comprehensive economic strength of processing and exporting 80000 tons of products covering meat chicken, conditioning food, artiodactyl animal products, pasta, fruits and vegetables.

    Kangda Kaijia company adheres to the core value of " career co-building and achievement sharing", takes "creating healthy life" as its mission, and deems "bringing high quality life enjoyment to families worldwide" as its vision,

    Practicing the concept of "being grateful, responsible, practical", committed to the win-win development among customers, employees, enterprises and the society", Kaijia aims to create big achievement together with domestic and foreign customers, and constantly bring healthy and sunny life enjoyment to customers!

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    The breeding business division is mainly engaged in the breeding and hatching of white feather broiler breeders. It has 6 breeding farms and 1 hatchery. At present, there are 50 chicken houses in the breeding farm, with 405000 sets of breeding chickens in stock. The breeding breeds include Cobb and Arbor-Acres parent stockbreeding chickens. There are 30 incubators in the incubating plants, which can produce 30 million healthy chicks per year. The company has advanced breeding and hatching equipment, strict epidemic prevention measures and high standard breeding house, which has laid a solid foundation for excellent breeding eggs and high-quality chicken seedlings.